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How Latexo High School Achieved Big-School Success with Custom Resources

June 1, 2023

AP Statistics Pass Rate


AP Scores 4 & 5


UIL 2A Calculator Rank


About Latexo High School

A beacon of educational excellence, Latexo High School, a 2A rural school, continually sets the benchmark for what small schools can accomplish. Under the stewardship of Mrs. Audrey Cravens, a passionate proponent of STEM education, and her supportive administration, the school aimed to expand its horizons by excelling in AP Statistics and UIL Calculator programs, building upon their already impressive success in UIL mathematics.

The Challenge

The introduction of AP Statistics presented a new challenge for Latexo High School, requiring specialized materials and teaching strategies. Additionally, the school aimed to elevate its UIL Calculator program to new heights.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with Mrs. Cravens, we provided Latexo High School with custom materials and focused strategies tailored for both AP Statistics and the UIL Calculator program.

The Results

The results were remarkable:

  • AP Statistics: All students passed the AP exam, with a majority scoring 4's and 5's.
  • UIL Calculator: Within a year, Latexo won its first UIL Calculator championship, adding to its decade-long success in UIL mathematics.

Latexo High School's story is a testament to the transformative impact of targeted educational support. Our partnership has not only achieved specific goals but also set a new standard for academic achievement and enthusiasm in the school.

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