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How ECISD is Utilizing EA to Level Up Their UIL Afterschool Program

May 1, 2021

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Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District (ECISD) is renowned for its dedication to academic and extracurricular excellence. Facing the challenge of enhancing its UIL programs, ECISD partnered with us to bring innovative and customized solutions to their students and teachers.

The Challenge

ECISD's UIL programs needed to overcome several obstacles:

  • Customized Materials: Developing specialized content for UIL camps.
  • District-Wide Software: Implementing effective practice software across the district.
  • Virtual Competitions: Hosting online events for 31 schools across 12 events.

The Solution

Our collaboration introduced tailored solutions to meet ECISD's needs:

  • Custom Materials: Creating bespoke content for UIL camps.
  • Practice Software: Deploying a comprehensive UIL practice platform district-wide.
  • Online Competitions: Facilitating virtual events for enhanced accessibility.

The Results

Our partnership led to remarkable achievements:

  • Enhanced UIL Performance: Notable improvements across the district.
  • Positive Feedback: Acclaim from educators and students alike.
  • Successful Virtual Events: Smooth execution of online competitions.
"The feedback I got from all participants and coordinators was that it was a great experience. As the UIL coordinator for the campus, I was ecstatic that the program completed the grading for us, which eliminates people in the library. I liked the ease of navigating through the site and taking the test students were assigned to. I am so glad we found you! I hope you are here to stay!"
- Mrs. Adriana Flores, E.C.I.S.D UIL Coordinator

The ECISD story is a showcase of how targeted educational solutions can significantly impact a large educational ecosystem. Our joint efforts have raised the bar for academic and extracurricular engagement in the district.

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